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For over 20 years Kyle has dedicated his life to helping individuals, leaders, organisations and teams supercharge their performance. As a master coach, facilitator and speaker, he works with a range of clients from entrepreneurs and professionals, to CEO’s and senior leaders from global organisations.

Kyle Newman, Entrepreneur, Coach & SpeakerWhether he’s working with a young entrepreneur or an executive board, Kyle has an innate ability to capture both hearts and minds and create seemingly magical transformation – enabling his clients to move from good to great, and beyond. He takes them on a journey from fear, self-doubt and dissatisfaction to boldness and limitless possibility. He is a true master at designing high impact, transformational personal and organisational development programmes, that help his clients exceed their expectations and create the changes they seek, and he consistently delivers exceptional results.

Accused by many of being a serial entrepreneur, over the past 15 years, Kyle has founded the Beyond Limits Group to inspire individuals and organisations to create the changes they desire and make a positive difference. In addition to speaking and working with clients directly on his intensive live untamed and unafraid coaching programme, his talents are engaged in growing the Beyond Limits Group, developing their change and development programmes, and putting together teams of exceptionally skilled and talented coaches and facilitators to deliver them.

The aim of the Beyond Limits Group is “To inspire and make a radical difference to people and organisations across the globe – to help them perform at their best and get the most out of their life and work”.

The Beyond Limits Group
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An accomplished speaker, Kyle’s authentic, impactful and inspiring presentations compel his audience to step up and make a difference.

His message to live, and lead, untamed and unafraid, urges us to be who we truly are and bring our unique gifts and talents to the world – boldly and courageously, and to triumph in spite of our fears and doubts. His work has changed thousands of lives around the globe. He calls each of us to become agents of change and ‘know no limits’ as we create new, better ways of living and working.

Kyle Newman - Inspirational Speaker

Highlights from Kyle’s extraordinary career include:

  • Leaving his well-paid job with Warner Music International in 1996 to start his own business and also starting a full-time BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the same time.
  • Successfully completing his degree whilst also building up his business to become one of the most highly respected and successful personal trainers and fitness instructors in the South-East.
  • Subsequently moving back to London in 2001, starting his business again from scratch, and growing it into a thriving enterprise in under a year.
  • Becoming one of the top health and fitness experts and trainers in the UK and presenting at the UK’s leading event for fitness professionals, the FitPro annual conference, at Loughborough University in April 2003.
  • Co-Founding the European Co-Active Community in February 2004, the European Alumni Organisation for graduates of the Co-Active Coaching programme run by the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. Then growing it into a highly respected professional development and support network.
  • Working with senior leaders at some of the world’s leading organisations, beginning with a large global development project within BP in 2005.
  • Founding the Beyond Limits Group and designing and developing a suite of highly impactful programmes to help individuals and organisations supercharge their performance and blast their results through the roof!
  • Travelling all over the world for both business and pleasure, and meeting some incredible and inspiring people on his travels.

All this by his mid 30s! Kyle currently lives just outside London in a small countryside village. Outside of the professional arena, Kyle’s passions include socialising, sports, the arts, and travel. When he is not working, he is as likely to be found at a trendy London bar or restaurant as he is skiing off a mountain peak into a couloir or abseiling down a waterfall…

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