Lead Untamed and Unafraid - 12 Month Intensive Coaching Programme

Supercharge your leadership and make your mark on the world…

Are you ready to take your leadership to new heights and discover how to truly become a bold and fearless leader?

You are in the right place if:

  • You’re absolutely ready and hungry to up your leadership game and make a bigger impact.
  • You are ready (and willing) to make a significant commitment to doing the work and growing your leadership exponentially.
  • The leader you want to be is one who leads artfully from the heart, with a clear sense of purpose, and leaps out of bed each morning excited about the day ahead. Where you feel fully alive and free to be yourself in the knowing that from that place you can accomplish almost anything.
Give yourself a moment to pause and re-read those. Make sure they really are true for you. If they are, then please read on…

The chances are, that if you have arrived on this page, then it’s because you are hungry to make a bigger impact and make your mark on the world. Either you decided the time is right for you to grow your leadership exponentially or you’ve had a big change or challenge whomped on you that’s requiring a lot more from you and your leadership. In either case, you are at a point where it’s time to up your leadership game.

Is one of the following true for you?

  • You’re a successful leader but something key is missing. In many people’s eyes you’re viewed as a great leader’. You’ve got a proven track record, but despite any accolades you may receive, it hasn’t really delivered what you expected (or hoped) and you’ve been thinking something along the lines of ‘there must be more to this, or I must be missing something…’
  • You’ve come up against a challenge you don’t know how to tackle. It could be that you’ve got a new boss who’s tricky to work for or is expecting a lot more from you, that you have some challenging team members who are testing you to the limit, that you’ve secured a promotion that requires you to lead at a whole new level, that your business isn’t doing so well and you really need to step up to the plate to turn things around. Whatever it is, you feel like your back’s against the wall and you need someone in your corner to help you find the way forward.
  • Your MOJO has gone AWOL. Whilst you’ve always been pretty fired up as a leader, life’s setbacks and challenges, and most likely some toxic people in your world, have sucked you dry. No matter what you try, you just can’t seem to get motivated anymore. You’ve got big things to do in the world but you’re close to running on empty.
  • You know it’s time to up your game. You may not know what or why, but you have a deep sense that it’s really time for some major upgrades in your leadership ability and you feel an inner urge to tackle things head on. Maybe you’ve gotten a bit stagnant, or you’ve just been coasting. Maybe you’ve not needed to bring more of yourself until now? Whatever it is, you know that now is the time to take back the reigns and take your leadership to new heights.

Whatever your personal situation, if it feels ‘big’ then this programme is for you! It’s purposely designed to help you take advantage of this turning point and grow your leadership exponentially so you can truly lead boldly and fearlessly in any situation.

It’s an intensive and exclusive leadership programme and I only accept up to 5 people on to it each year – think of it as an independent study MBA programme in truly leading untamed and unafraid – and you are the subject!

Results You Can Expect

This intensive leadership programme will tap into your leadership at a profound level and really bring out the leader within. Prepare to be awakened on a deeper level than you have ever experienced before. You will reignite the flame that lives deep inside you, take bold action, and uncover how to lead untamed and unafraid!

Here’s a taster of some of the results you can expect from this leadership coaching programme. You will:

  • Gain a new deeper understanding of who you are as a leader – you’ll answer many of your ‘big questions’ and start to bring much deeper meaning into to your life and leadership. Things will begin to make sense and you’ll see a new leadership path unfolding for yourself. One that allows you to bring all of who you are and the skills and talents you have to offer.
  • Get that inner spark back and feel fully alive – you’ll begin to see possibilities where once there were obstacles, and gain an inspired, positive outlook on both your life and leadership. You’ll have more energy, put the bounce back in your step, and feel inspired and fully alive.
  • Lead from the heart – you’ll get to know yourself inside out and uncover what you really makes you tick as a leader. You’ll get crystal clear about what’s really important to you, what really makes you step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. You’ll also start to lead from a more natural place of grace and power.
  • Take charge! You’ll stop talking and start doing – stagnation and procrastination will begin to fade away and be replaced by taking fierce, bold action. You will feel more motivated, optimistic, and experience a sense of relief and freedom from making things happen, instead of feeling like you’re going nowhere or round in circles.
  • Ditch bad habits and behaviours – you’ll begin to unravel the mysteries of what’s been holding you back and eliminate many of the behaviours and habits that have been hindered your progress and leadership ability. Replacing them with positive ones that are more aligned with who you are at your core and who you want to be as a leader.
  • Super-charge your confidence and self belief – you’ll identify your leadership strengths and talents, develop a rock-solid level of confidence and self belief, and really bring out your best. You’ll uncover what saps your confidence and how to deal with it, how to access your inner strength, and begin to tackle challenges head on – so that you feel more in control and are able to turn the mountains into mole hills.
  • Cultivate your relationships – in any leadership context, relationships are key to your success. You’ll learn how to bring your best whilst simultaneously bringing the best out of others. You’ll learn how to truly tap into the power of people and relationship, s and have everyone pulling together to get things done. 
  • Elevate your leadership capability – through a combination of deep personal learning, the development of advanced leadership skills and competencies, and a powerful framework of exercises, you will grow you leadership exponentially. Leading in any context, regardless of the level of challenge involved, will become innate and natural and you’ll become the leader you’ve always aspired to be.
  • Get tons of learning and growth What you learn is as important as what you accomplish. There will be tons of learning about what matters to you as a leader, what really makes you tick, what moves you forward and what holds you back. What you learn in this process will help you make a bigger impact in every area if your life and work.

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Programme Overview

What to expect

  • An in-depth, intensive process.
  • To be to be stretched, challenged and supported in a way that you’ve never experienced before – hold on tight… we’re going for a ride!
  • I will match your commitment with my own. Expect a lot. Demand a lot, so that you get the most from every breathing moment that we work together. Ask more of me so that we can co-create the most powerful coaching relationship possible for this time we work together – so that you get the most out of it.


  • An initial deep dive over a 4-6 week period. We’ll explore all the big questions!
  • Followed by a transformational one on one personal leadership retreat in Europe for two days.
  • You create a vision statement of promises you make to yourself and an action plan.
  • Followed by 10 months of ongoing leadership coaching to really grow your leadership and bring your vision and promises to life.
  • An intense committed process for both of us. It is engaging, exhilarating. It challenges and pushes us both to bring everything we can to the work. It is definitely an experience that you will never forget… that will change your life and leadership forever!
  • What you learn in this process will have a positive impact on every area of your life and on the way you choose to lead in every area of your life and work.

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Detailed Programme Outline

3 Key Phases to Create a Potent Transformational Cocktail

The Deep Dive – This initial work is designed to give you the strongest possible foundation on which to build. Our goal at this stage is finding the fire in you and stoking it.


The Deep Dive

An initial deep dive over a 4-6 week period.

You’ve heard the phrase, “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Too often people try to grow their leadership without really understanding their innate strengths and where their areas for development really lay. This deep dive is designed to ensure you don’t make that mistake! We’ll thoroughly explore the big questions that underpin being a true leader: who you are, what you want, what really matters to you.

You’ll also complete the breakthrough Leadership Circle profile to get an accurate picture of your current leadership effectiveness. This will reveal your innate leadership strengths as well as clarify where you still have work to do, and gives us a clear measurement tool and deep psychological and developmental framework to build on.

Together, all of the elements of the deep dive form the foundation and groundwork to setup the retreat to really blow your socks off!

The structure:

  • ½ a day with me at the outset, to really set things up so we get off to a flying start.
  • A series of 4 exploratory exercises you work on independently.
  • Each followed by an in-depth debrief with me of 1-1½ hours in duration.
  • Completion of the Leadership Circle 360 Profile.
  • During this time we also co-design your personal retreat to ensure it delivers everything you want and more.
This initial work is designed to give you the strongest possible foundation on which to build. Our goal at this stage is finding the fire in you and stoking it!

The first few weeks of the ‘deep dive’ coaching were intense but extremely valuable.  Right from the start, we worked together to get clarity around key questions such as: where I am now, who I am, what do I really want to create, and what is holding me back.  For the first time, I saw what was calling me and what I yearned for – some of it was very surprising!

The Personal Retreat

This is where the magic really starts!

Clients who have experienced this transformational personal retreat describe it as having a phenomenal impact and being an amazing gift to themselves.


A one on one personal leadership retreat in Europe for two days.

This is where the magic really starts!

I call these VIP programmes because at their heart they are about you making yourself a Very Important Person in your own life, and this 2 days solely focused on your leadership journey is just that. It’s an amazing gift to yourself that will stay with you forever!

It’s also a big commitment,both to travel to meet with me for 2 days, and to yourself – to leading boldly and fearlessly and making your mark on the world!

Clients who have experienced this transformational leadership retreat describe it as having a phenomenal impact and being an amazing gift to themselves.Here’s a few things that they’ve said:

“Mind blowing! A spine tinglingly awesome experience!”
“I realised that I was not the person I thought I was, and I was capable of far more than I had ever imagined!”
“It was off the charts for embodied learning and challenging the status quo!”

In terms of the retreat structure, I have an agenda that forms the starting template – it works – and then we co-design the programme together to ensure you get everything you want from the retreat, and more!

  • We meet at your chosen location.
  • We spend most of our time outside with the natural world as the backdrop. This becomes the environment in which we talk about how you want to lead and what you want to create, and do the work to make that happen. The setting itself and being out in nature has a strong impact on the learning and re-connecting you to what’s really important. The natural world teaches just by being out in it.
  • The programme consists of a blend of leadership coaching, powerful exercises to deepen your learning, and reflection time to really let things sink in.
  • You have options for camping or other retreat-type accommodations. We will co-design an experience that works for you.
  • We make these 2 days an experience that you’ll never forget and a real turning point for you and your leadership impact. We work on your leadership skills and vision, tapping in to your full power, and clearing the obstacles that get in the way.
At the end of the retreat you will create a statement of promises you make to yourself and we’ll set your commitment in stone. 

Once you return home from the retreat you will share this contract with me and we’ll do a through debrief of your experience.You decide what you want your life to be like and especially, what you want to create over the following 10 months in terms of goals and practices.

This contract then forms your manifesto for the rest of the programme and the focus of our coaching. It’s a pact with your heart’s deepest longing to create the life you really want.

The Coaching Intensive

This is where we really get to work!

One of my greatest skills as a coach is not only guiding you to find your path, but walking it alongside you. I will be there every step of the way, encouraging you and showing you that YOU CAN DO IT!


10 Months of Intensive Leadership Coaching

 This is where we really take your leadership impact to new heights! 

The overall time frame of 12 months for this programme is by design. 12 months is long enough to make significant progress on your leadership capability, practices, and action plan –  and short enough to create a sense of urgency, to light a fire under the question, “what are you waiting for?”

In most cases the leadership coaching intensive will consist of 2-4 coaching sessions, each month, for the remaining 10 months after the retreat. Each taking your leadership impact to new heights.

An intense committed process for both of us

I want to assure you that, in spite of all I’ve said about challenge and intensity, we’ll have tons of fun too. It won’t feel like a long hard slog, quite the contrary. You will feel fully alive and engaged in growing your leadership, and making a bigger difference – yet with a newfound sense of lightness and freedom.  

Be prepared to make this a priority in your life. I will make it a priority in mine. I will be taking this journey with you during this period – in more ways than phone calls and correspondence or even the time we share in person. One of my greatest skills as a coach is not only guiding you to find your path, but walking it alongside you. I will be there every step of the way, encouraging you and showing you that YOU CAN DO IT!

PS: There is no option for continuing past the 12 months. When the end comes it’s over, just like life.

My promise

I promise you that I will bring everything I have in my vast personal, professional, and leadership development arsenal to help you truly lead untamed and unafraid!

I have a gift for working with people to help them unleash their full leadership capability and find their true path. I help them set fire to the stuff that is holding them back, find their true path, and walk alongside them as their guide as they make the journey. That’s the feedback I’ve been given and what I commit to doing for you!

It is my life’s work. As I look over what I have created in my own life I see there is a theme. I am a born leader, and an expert adventurer and guide. I have a unique ability to see the way forward even when others can’t and awaken people to the adventure of being alive.

What I most want for you, and for every leader on the planet, is to lead to your full potential and make your mark on the world. To lead boldly and fearlessly – to bring all that you are and lead in a way that sets both your heart and soul alight. To make the difference you feel called to make. I want you to lead in a way that truly awakens you and the people around you.

If what you want is an intensive experience to grow your leadership exponentially, and to work with an exceptionally talented and highly experienced leadership coach to help you unearth your innate leadership talents and accompany you on that journey… then you have come to the right place.

Spine tinglingly awesome experience!

This is how you do business and leadership coaching! In the French Alps with the awesome Kyle Newman. I busted limiting beliefs I didn't know I had and I've come back exhausted and on fire. This is deep embodied leadership work that makes a huge shift. I left 18 years of back pain behind in the French alps. Hope nobody picks it up. I can't wait to see how things unfold as the learning lands at a deeper level. Spine tinglingly awesome experience!

Jude Jennison Director - Leaders by Nature

I highly recommend this programme – it’s totally changed my life!

I signed up to work with Kyle because I was at a crossroads in my life. I had been running my own business for nearly 9 years but my heart wasn’t in it anymore. There was something else calling me but I didn’t know what it was.

The first few weeks of coaching were intense but extremely valuable. Right from the start, we worked together to get clarity around key questions such as: where I am now, who I am, what do I really want to create, and what is holding me back. For the first time, I saw what was calling me and what I yearned for – some of it was very surprising!

Then I went on the personal retreat and this is where the magic really began! I had an underlying desire to shake things up - and did things get shaken up! I ended up climbing a mountain in knee deep snow on my own, having never done any mountaineering before. It challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally but by the end of the retreat, I saw myself in a totally different way. I realised that I was not the person I thought I was, and I was capable of far more than I had ever imagined!

I can safely say it was a life changing experience, because within a few days of my return, I made the decision to close one of my businesses. A decision I had been debating for a VERY long time. All the fear and doubt had gone – I just knew it was the right thing to do.Despite being a successful business, it no longer fitted with who I am today and where I want to be taking my life and work.

Since then there have been massive shifts in how I see myself and the world. I couldn’t have done this without Kyle. He has supported me when things have got tough, but he’s also been very good at challenging me, and giving me a shove when I’ve got stuck. I’ve had the space to explore the doubts, fears and beliefs that are holding me back. And I now have the tools and resources that I need to move through those blocks and take the necessary action to start creating the lifestyle I want.

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is feeling stuck or at a crossroads in their life; who knows there’s something else calling them but isn’t sure what it is; and who needs someone to help them get the clarity and motivation to make the changes to transform their life.

Valerie Eaton Owner - Mojo Digital Marketing

I am now living my dream life in Fiji!

Following a series of significant challenging events in my life I was at an all time low when I began the live untamed and unafraid programme. I felt very unsettled and unsure of my life direction.

As a result of working with Kyle I now have a clearer path and have eliminated many of the grey areas that had been preventing me from moving forwards. I learned that I am more capable than I think and found the courage to set off on a trip round the world on my own – something I would never have previously attempted. As it turned out taking this trip was the key to finding what I really wanted in my life. I met a fantastic man and have since married him and now live the life of my dreams in Fiji!

I really can't believe this is now my life! I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and this is the happiest I have ever been!

Julia Rose Financially Independent


Your investment for this exclusive, intensive leadership programme that will grow your leadership exponentially starts at £10,000. This covers everything – the initial deep dive, the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, the 2-day retreat (except travel & accommodation) and 10 months of ongoing leadership coaching.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

GuaranteeI’m so confident that this intensive leadership coaching programme will help you take your leadership to new heights and make a bigger, bolder impact, that I’m willing to guarantee it!

If at any point during the first 45 days you’re not 100% happy with the programme, and the work you’re doing with me, then I won’t hold you to the full 12 month commitment and will refund your programme fee in full.

If you’re ready to truly take your leadership to new heights and lead boldly and fearlessly to make the impact you want in the world,  and you’re willing to make an investment in becoming and untamed leader – then I’d love to talk with you.

Apply today to find out how you can sky-rocket your leadership journey! APPLY NOW

Note: Remember, this exclusive, intensive leadership programme isn’t for everyone and I
only accept 5 people on to it each year.

A Few Final Words

If, as I imagine, you are hungry to make a bigger impact I really only have one question for you (and a hundred later, if you stick around). What is your version of powerful leadership, where you truly lead untamed and unafraid, and are you ready to live it – every day?

I ask it from a place of my own deep curiosity and wanting for you to be the amazing leader I know you can be. We live in a time where fearless leaders that are interested in more than just money and power are greatly needed in the world, and I’m committed to helping grow them. I want you to experience your full leadership potential and for the world to be better for it.

Whether you sign up for this programme or not, I want you to leave here more inspired to step into you leadership: to make your mark on the world and know that you are making a difference. To live and lead in a manner whereby you get to use all of your abundant talents, skills, experience, creativity, and gifts – and at the time you depart this earth – rest in the real peace of knowing that you really lived, and were well used in this life. When all is said and done I believe there are only 4 questions we truly ask ourselves when our time is up… Did I live fully? Did I love? Was I true to myself? and Did I make a difference? How will you answer?

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen…
~ Dr Robert Jarvik

So here’s to your impact on the world! I look forward to hearing from you…

Kyle Newman

PS: This is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one shot at this life and time waits for no-one – so what are you waiting for…?

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