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The CALL (Co-Active Leaders Linked) was already established when I completed the Co-Active Leadership programme and April 2005 and it was a powerful experience to be greeted by fellow leadership graduates from the CALL on the last day of R4. I had that real sense of ‘Wow, this isn’t over, there’s a whole new chapter beginning and a whole new larger tribe to get to know’. I’m sure many of you who were fortunate enough to also participate in this aspect of the leadership programme had a similar experience. My R4 project/quest evolved as a result of this. At the time, the CALL activities were offered solely in North America, and it became my project to the bring them to Europe!


The CALL ran many retreats in the North America over the course of its existence and I wanted those of us who had taken leadership in the USA to have a more local community connection in Europe.So I worked with the CALL board to make that happen. Around the same time, the leadership programme itself was expanding and the first European programme began in Spain, with the first European tribe, the Swans, starting their journey near Sitges, in Spain.

So I decided to organise the first European CALL retreat in Spain in 2006 to coincide with the Swans R4 graduation, so that not only did we have a European graduates retreat, but also that the first European leadership tribe were also greeted as they completed their programme and welcomed into the CALL.

We had an amazing retreat and the Swans were blown away to have us there to greet them, just as I was blown away when it happened for me at the Mother Tree in California.

Following on from that I managed to ensure every European tribe that completed the programme in Spain were greeted by CALL members, right up until the point when CTI removed the greeting from the R4 timeline.

In the USA, the CALL eventually disbanded at some time around 2008/2009, however I made it my mission to try and keep the spirit alive in Europe. In 2012 we held a one day CALL event in London to begin community building again. We had a great day and set the intention to run another European retreat later that year. However, despite the best intentions, without the R4 greetings there was no easy way to really get the word out to new programme graduates, so we took the difficult decision to not go ahead with that retreat. There is now a new initiative in the works that I hope will be a great place for Co-Active Leadership graduates to get ongoing support to make their mark on the world. More on that soon…

Before moving on, I felt it was important to celebrate what has been, so have made a short video to commemorate the events that we held between 2005-2012. So please take a couple of minutes to watch it and see if you can spot yourself (and your pals)! Once you’ve finished watching and reading the rest of this post, please add a comment below and let me know what the CALL meant to you, if you participated.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

What’s Next?

I’ve always had the desire for a stronger support community, both for myself, and for other leaders and coaches. Recently, through some discussions about perhaps holding one last event as a final celebration for the European Co-Active Coaches, and following some very clear divine guidance, I realised that my community building days are not over and that it was time for me to design a new peer support venture which I’m excited to be launching soon!

So to keep in touch and receive future details about peer support events for leadership graduates, and help shape what they look like, please enter your name and email below:

The CALL EMEA – Credits

The CALL Event Organisers

Caroline Purkhardt

Kyle Newman

Session Leaders

Caroline Purkhardt

Kyle Newman

Suncica Getter

CALL Event/Retreat Attendees

Alison Smith

Anita Russell

Ann Salsbury

Anne-Kari Vindenes

Beth Follini

Caroline Purkhardt

Chloe Cosgrove

Conchita Rodriguez-Franco

Davina Kobrin

Dennis Dybdal

Dorota Ciolek

Envor Skardalsmo

Eva Sognebotten

Evelyn Thomas

Ghada Zakaria

Jude Jennison

Kyle Newman

Linda Cecile Soerung

Maria Banks

Mike Duffy

Moyra Weston

Phil Barber

Phillip Fitzpatrick

Sandra Bergman

Sue Phillipo

Suncica Getter

Tamar Milstein

Ty Jernstedt

2 thoughts on “Co-Active Leadership Alumni

  1. We have a Leadership Alumni All Tribe Pod here. We had 5 Retreats. And our arc has closed. We are the Super Duper Shiny Poopy Pod.
    Could we talk – maybe zoom – so we can pass the baton over to Europe Leadership Alumni?

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