ECC – Update on Events

Following on from our last event in 2016, I took the decision to pause the ECC events as I realised that they were no longer sustainable in their existing format, and that further support was needed in order for them to thrive long-term. Sadly, whist that support was sought, there was no obvious appetite to provide it, hence there have been no further events over the past 2 years.

Like most things in the cycle of life, there are endings and beginnings so I feel it is time to formally announce that whilst the ECC will continue online, both on the Co-Active Network and our Facebook group, the time has come for the ECC events to come to an end in their previous format. And in the spirit of new beginnings, I will be launching something new, but more on that later…

Before I dive into my excitement about what coming next, I feel it’s important to honour and celebrate what has been. The ECC events and legacy are something I’m very proud of and held a special place in my heart, and if you’re taking the time to read this, then I’m assuming they did for you too. So take a minute to read on below and watch the video and take in everything that the ECC brought to you over the years.

ECC Legacy

The European Co-Active Community [ECC] was founded in late 2003 by myself and Antony Parry, with the support of CTI front of the room leaders Lori Shook, Andy Denne, and the late Jim Patterson. This lead to the first event being held in February 2004 in Central London. Following on from that a foundation group was established to develop and grow the community and along with myself and Antony, Andy Chapman, Colette King, Martin Carver, Richard House, Tina de Meeus, Margaret O’Keeffe, and Leanne Lowish all stepped forward to help make that happen.

ECCBetween 2004 and 2016 the community held 29 events that collectively had over 1,500 coaches attend. Including a 10th Anniversary celebration event and dinner in 2014. These events also inspired many other similar events in other European cities. This legacy was only possible thanks to the efforts of an extensive team of volunteer organisers (including those mentioned above) and speakers (see the list of credits at the end of the video).

To celebrate and commemorate this I have created a video slideshow of photos taken at the events starting in 2004 right through til 2016. It brought back so many amazing memories creating this video, so please take a few minutes to watch it and see if you can spot yourself (and your pals)! It’s a little long (8 mins) but there were just too many amazing memories and people to feature! (and you can skip forwards to see the shots from more recent events) Once you’ve finished watching and reading the rest of this post, please add a comment below and let me know what the ECC meant to you and what you gained from attending the events.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

What’s Next?

There were two key reasons that I stayed the course and ensured that the ECC events endured for 12 years. The first was a belief that, in the word of Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!. and the second was that a belief that ‘no matter how good we are at coaching, it didn’t really matter if we had no clients to coach’. So helping coaches become successful at attracting clients and creating a sustainable income was always a strong driving force for me.

With that in mind, I have always had the intention of maintaining some kind of business development support for coaches, however until recently, I had thought that I would be hanging up my community building hat and retiring from that role. Much to my surprise though, through some discussions about perhaps holding one last event as a final celebration, and following some very clear divine guidance, it would seem that my community building days are not over and I will soon be launching a new peer support venture.

So to keep in touch and receive future details about either business development support for coaches, or information about future peer support events and and help shape what they look like, please enter your name and email below:

ECC Credits

Community Event Organisers

Alejandra Arteta

Amanda Cullen

Amanda Page

Amanda Wilby

Anne Walker

Annie Wigman

Avon Harpley

Barbara Guarnerio

Beth Follini

Biba Binotti

Boris Prigmore

Camilla Crichton-Stuart

Caroline Harper-Jantuah

Caroline Humphries

Catherine Billam

Chloe O’Sullivan

Claire House

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Debbie Warrener

Deborah Porton

Diana Warrings

Dieter Hachenberg

Dorothy Atcheson

Fiona Biggins

Fiona Monks

Genna Clark

Hilary Ellis

Irina Shigidina

James Knight

Jan Sagdahl

Jane Morgan

Julie Benichou

Kate Griffiths

Kate Jones

Kyle Newman

Laura Ahnemann

Laura Archer

Lisa Westbury

Lola Fayemi

Lynn Serafinn

Magdalena Bak Maier

Maike Stolte

Margaret O’Keeffe

Marie-Emmanuelle Checri

Megan Thomas

Moyra Weston

Nick Robinson

Nicky Moran

Nicola Marshall

Pauline Heron

Penny McClean

Rhett Griffiths

Richard House

Rona Steinberg

Rosalyn Clare

Simon Ireland Davies

Sonia Duggan

Steve Bernard

Sue Buckle

Sue Hartley

Svenja Kleinjung

Tony Barton

Tony Parry

Tony Phillips

Vanessa Linden

Vivien Hunt

William Baron

Zoe Windsor

Zsaklin Szalanczi

Session Leaders

Aboodi Shabi

Adrian Gilpin

Ana Karakusevic

Andy Denne

Angus Fletcher

Ann Betz

Anna Barez Brown

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Ben Shoshan

Beth Follini

Boris Prigmore

Carissa Bub

Carlos Dean

Carol McLachlan

Carole Pemberson

Caroline Burr

Colette King

Corrina Gordon Barnes

Damien Churton

Daniel Poch

Danusia Malina-Derben

Daphne Taylor

Dave Ellis

Deborah Huisken

Dorit Noble

Dorothy Larios

Faith Fuller

Fiona Monks

George Chawawa

Ginny Hunneke

Henry Kimsey-House

Isabel Mortimer

Jennifer Maurer

Jim Patterson

Jo Cameron

Joseph Seiler

Jude Jennison

Justine Curtis

Karen Kimsey-House

Kate Griffiths

Kyle Newman

Laura Ahnemann

Leanne Lowish

Leni Christine Jebsen

Lori Shook

Lydia Arwert

Lynn Serafinn

Magdalena Bak Maier

Maria Anderson-Contreras

Marita Fridjhon

Marte Jannecken Birkemo Arsland

Martyn Lowesmith

Milne Kintner

Moyra Weston

Nick Kettles

Nick Kitchen

Nick Martin

Nick Robinson

Nick Williams

Nicky Moran

Pamela Major

Paul Matthews

Pemma Fox

Phil Askew

Phil Sandahl

Rafael Boker

Rona Steinberg

Ronnie Clifford

Sam House

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

Sarah Matthews

Sarah McCloughry

Sharon Hall

Shivani Mair

Simon Blackhall

Steve Bernard

Sue Belton

Sue Moss

Sue Powell

Susannah Southgate

Svenja Kleinjung

Theres Kull

Thorsten Klein

Tony Barton

Zoë Windsor

14 thoughts on “ECC - Endings and New Beginnings

  1. Kyle, beautiful post – and the video brought back so many memories.

    I made the trek from Brussels to several of these events and appreciated each of them. I wondered what happened to the days and was sad to see them disappear. The CTI community is so special and each event helped me to continue to grow, connect and be touched by so many of you.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keeping it alive for so long!

  2. Wonderful tribute Kyle, and it brought back so many great memories of time spent with co-active colleagues.

    Although perhaps not part of the same overall initiative, I’d like also to pay tribute to Caroline Humphries and Dorothy Atcheson who organised London CTI sessions for newly-accredited coaches in 2009 onwards. They were a touchstone for me in the early days of my coaching career.

    • You’re welcome Pamela! Yes, it brought back so many magical memories creating the video! And I’m with you, whilst not part of the same initiative, Dorothy and Caroline also did some amazing community building for Co-Active Coaches and gave a huge amount of their heart and time to the cause. So absolutely, have off to them too! x

  3. Brilliant Kyle – thank you so much for Everything you have done so far for this amazing community and thank you for the trip down memory lane – what a beautiful lane it was and is and will be!!

    • You’re welcome Tony! Yes, it was a beautiful lane and it brought back so many magical memories creating the video! The new lane will be equally beautiful and filled with magic, and I’m excited about announcing it in the next couple of weeks…

  4. Thank you Kyle for holding such incredible mission for and with us! I will continue treasure the ECC fond memories and learnigs, and I am already looking forward to the new sparks of magic you/we will co-create in the future!!

  5. What a legacy! Beautiful tribute to all the people who contributed to making these events happen – organisers, leaders, you Kyle and I would add, all the coaches who travelled from afar to participate.
    To new beginnings!

  6. This was a really exciting time – to be a new coach and get a chance to learn and play with fellow coaches at different stages. I’m curious to see what is next!

  7. Wonderful to see so many fellow coaches and remember just how much I learned from the Community Days. Being a self-employed coach is hard work and I came away from each day filled with new energy, gratitude for the CTI community, and a belief in the power of coaching.

  8. I saw so many familiar and much-loved faces in those pictures, so many names I’ve seen and wondered “now where did I meet them again?” (ah, now I remember!), and remembered the many times I attended in the early days. I got clients, colleagues, friends, knowledge, experiences, validation, wisdom out of those rooms you brought us all together into. You were such a bright spark of energy, Kyle, encouraging, organizing, welcoming, challenging. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  9. This is epic Kyle! Thanks so much for taking the time to compile this and acknowledge the community’ roots and its supporters.

    I’ve been privileged to be an attendee (many times!), along with an organiser and a speaker. I have always cherished the support I received as a grew into a coach in the community and loved being able to give back once I’d established my practice.

    Each event was like walking into a precious family, connecting deeply and radiantly almost immediately.

    My dear hope is that we can collectively keep our CTI community alive, strong and connected in person.

    Thank you for all you have done and all your are doing.

    Chloe xxx

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