So what does ‘Lead Untamed and Unafraid’ really mean and why would you want do it? 

The first implicit assertion within ‘Lead Untamed and Unafraid’ is to be a leader – in your life, your family, your community, the wider world. I believe that leadership is a choice, not a position, and that we can all step into leadership. I also believe that in order for us to create the lives and the world we want, then we must do so.

Lion - Lead untamed and unafraidLeading untamed has three key elements. Firstly, it’s about being fully, authentically, and unashamedly yourself, and bring all of you to your leadership. It’s about showing up fully, unedited, and shining brightly for all the world to see. Secondly, it’s about fully going after whatever you feel called to create/change as a leader – without apology. It’s full permission and full force. And lastly, and by no means least, it’s about encouraging and creating a space for others to lead untamed as well. After all, it’s only by each of us showing up as our best, brightest, selves that we can really lead and make a difference…

Which brings me to leading unafraid…

When you step into leadership then effectively you’re taking a stand for something. You have an agenda. So leading unafraid is really about putting yourself and your agenda, or leadership stake ‘out there’. It’s about going for it will 100% full-permission. It’s about making whatever you’re ‘up to’ more important than looking good, worrying what other people might think, or whether or not you’ll succeed. Going after it in spite of your doubts and fears, and trusting that the resources you need will become available. It’s also about staying in the game through, the good times and the hard times, and not giving up!

As with ‘living untamed and unafraid‘, leading untamed and unafraid is about leading with full permission – which has immense power and freedom to it. Which I fully encourage, AND in my view – with full permission comes responsibility – in this case what I call ‘responsibility for your impact’.

You may have heard the phrase ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’ which is most commonly attributed to the film/comic ‘Spiderman’, and is originally attributed to French writer, Voltaire. This is the type of responsibility that I’m referring to.

It’s not about leading full permission and to hell with the impact that has on anyone else – eg: leaving a trail of devastation in your wake. It’s about being aware of how your leadership impacts others and the world, and being ‘respons-able’ – it’s about leading fully, without dialling yourself down, and being able to respond to the impact you have. These two elements combined together are what really empowers leaders to make a positive difference.

Please share what ‘lead untamed and unafraid’ means to you below…


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