Live Untamed and Unafraid - 12 Month Coaching Programme

Create The Amazing Life You Dream Of…

Are you ready to totally transform your life and set yourself on a bold and fearless path for the future?

You are in the right place if:

  • You’re absolutely ready and hungry for some big changes in your life.
  • You’re successful but there is something missing. You’ve follow the path you thought was ‘right’ and in many people’s eyes you’ve ‘made it’, but it’s not turned out the way you expected (or hoped) and you’ve been thinking something along the lines of ‘there must be more to life…
  • You are ready (and willing) to make a significant commitment to changing your life and your future.
  • The life you want is one where you leap out of bed each morning excited about your day. One with true meaning and purpose in both your life and work – where you feel fully alive and free to be yourself.

Give yourself a moment to pause and re-read those. Make sure they really are true for you. If they are, then please read on…

The chances are, that if you have arrived on this page, then it’s because you are at some kind of crossroads. Either you decided the time is right for a change or you’ve had a big change whomped on you that’s shaken things up. In either case you are at a potential turning point in your life.

This programme is designed to help you take advantage of this turning point and steer your life on to a bold and fearless path for the future. It’s an intensive and exclusive programme and I only accept up to 5 people on to it each year – think of it as an independent study MBA programme in living truly living untamed and unafraid – and you are the subject!

Results You Can Expect

This intensive programme will propel you forward, uncover your deepest heartfelt desires and reveal what you really want from your life, then keep on track to achieve it. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life!

Life Coaching Results - Fiji“Following a series of significant challenging events in my life I was at an all time low when I began the live untamed and unafraid programme. I felt very unsettled and unsure of my life direction. As a result of working with Kyle I now have a clearer path and have eliminated many of the grey areas that had been preventing me from moving forwards. I learned that I am more capable than I think and found the courage to set off on a trip round the world on my own – something I would never have previously attempted. As it turned out taking this trip was the key to finding what I really wanted in my life. I met a fantastic man and have since married him and now live the life of my dreams in Fiji.”

(Julia Rose, London & Fiji)

Here’s a taster of some of the results you can expect from this life changing coaching programme. You will:

  • Approach life with new meaning and drive – you’ll answer many of your ‘big questions’ and start to bring much deeper meaning to your life and work. Things will begin to make sense and you’ll see a new future unfolding for yourself that is filled with meaning and purpose, as well as the many other riches that life has to offer.
  • Get that inner spark back and start to feel more alive – you’ll begin to see possibilities where once there were obstacles, open up to a new perspective and gain an inspired, positive outlook on both your life and work. You’ll have more energy, put the bounce back in your step and feel inspired and alive.
  • Do more of what you love – you’ll get to know yourself inside out and discover what you really want from life. You’ll get clear about what’s really important, what really makes life rich and alive for you, and you’ll make more time for these things in your life. You’ll also start to naturally attract more good things into your life.
  • Take charge! You’ll stop talking and start doing – stagnation and procrastination will begin to fade away and you’ll start to get into action. Initially you will make changes in some key areas to generate quick results and boost your confidence, whilst simultaneously starting to lay the foundations for the longer term sustainable changes you desire. You will feel more motivated, more positive and experience a sense of relief and freedom from starting to move forwards, instead of feeling like you’re going nowhere or round in circles.
  • Ditch bad habits and behaviours – you’ll begin to unravel the mysteries of what’s been holding you back and eliminate many of the behaviours and habits that have been holding you back. Replacing them with positive ones that are more aligned with who you are at your core and what you want to create in your life.
  • Super-charge your confidence and self belief – you’ll identify your strengths and talents, develop a rock-solid level of confidence and self belief, and really bring out your best. You’ll discover what saps your confidence and how to deal with it, how to access your inner strength, and begin to tackle challenges head on – so that you feel more in control and are able to turn the mountains into mole hills.
  • Breathe new life and depth into your relationships – in almost everything you do, and almost everywhere you go in your life, you are in a relationship in some way, whether it be with your partner, your family, friends or co-workers. As you become more honest about who you are and what you want in life, and simultaneously improve your communication and people skills, the quality of these relationships will dramatically improve and consequently so will the overall quality of your life.
  • Elevate your financial trajectory – by learning to value yourself more and eliminating some of your negative beliefs and attitudes towards money your financial situation will start to transform. You’ll stop blocking the flow of money into your life and learn how to both attract and create it – so that you’re financial future will be significantly better.
  • Get tons of learning and growth What you learn is as important as what you accomplish. There will be tons of learning about what moves you forward and what holds you back. What you learn in this process will make all your future decisions, changes and  transitions easier and more effective.

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Programme Outline

What to expect

  • An in-depth, intensive process.
  • To be challenged and supported – hold on tight… we’re going for a ride!
  • I will match your commitment with my own. Expect a lot. Demand a lot, so that you get the most from every breathing moment that we work together. Ask more of me so that we can co-create the most powerful relationship possible for this time we work together – so that you get the most out of it.


  • An initial in-depth discovery process over a 6-8 week period.
  • Followed by a one on one retreat in Europe for two days.
  • You create a vision statement of promises you make to yourself and an action plan
  • 10 months of ongoing coaching to empower you and bring your vision to life.
  • An intense committed process for both of us. It is engaging, exhilarating. It challenges and pushes us both to bring everything we can to the work. It is definitely an experience that you will never forget… that will change your life forever!
  • What you learn in this process will have a positive impact on every area of your life and on the way you choose and navigate your life in the future.

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Detailed Outline

An initial in-depth discovery process over a 6-8 week period.

You’ve heard the phrase, “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Too often people try to create new direction in their lives on top of old beliefs and strategies. This in-depth discovery/uncovery process is designed to ensure that you are clear and conscious about what you truly want and what you will commit to.

The structure:

  • A series of exploratory exercises you work on independently
  • ½ a day with me at the outset, followed by 3-4  sessions with me of 1-1½ hours in duration.

This initial work is designed to give you the strongest possible foundation on which to build. Our goal at this stage is finding the fire in you and stoking it.

A one on one retreat in Europe for two days.

Life Coaching - One on One RetreatThis is a big step for some people: the commitment to travel to meet with me for 2 days. It is definitely a line to cross, by intention. In a way your willingness to travel is a measure of your commitment to your life. The decision is not one you will make lightly. It raises the question, “how far will you go to live the life you love?”

By the way, clients who have done this in-person work describe it as having extraordinary impact and being an amazing gift to themselves.

In terms of logistics I have a format I propose – it works – and I am willing to design this together.

  • We meet  at your chosen location.
  • We spend most of our time outside with the natural world as the backdrop. This becomes the environment in which we talk about what is real. The setting itself and being out in nature has a strong impact on the learning and re-connecting you to what’s really important. The natural world teaches just by being out in it, eg; If I could be as relentless as the waves I could accomplish anything…
  • You have options for camping or other retreat-type accommodations. We will design an experience that works for you.
  • We make this 2 days (or so) a turning point for you. We work on your vision and the obstacles that get in the way. We create a ritual to mark the passage.

You create a vision statement of promises you make to yourself and an action plan

At the end of this initial discovery process and the retreat you will write a contract to yourself and share it with me. This contract is part manifesto, part action plan, part covenant with your heart’s deepest longing.

You decide what you want your life to be like and especially, what you want to create over the following 10 months in terms of goals and practices. This contract becomes the focus of our coaching.

10 months of ongoing coaching to empower you and bring your vision to life

The 12 month time limit is by design. 12 months is long enough to make significant progress on goals and practices and short enough to create a sense of urgency, to light a fire under the question, “what are you waiting for?”

In most cases the coaching will consist of 2-4 coaching sessions each month for the remaining 10 months after the discovery process. We always have the option to design a different arrangement that works better for us.

PS: There is no option for continuing past the 12 months. When the end comes it’s over, just like life.

An intense committed process for both of us

I want to assure you that, in spite of all I’ve said about challenge and intensity, we’ll have lots of fun too. Be prepared to make this a priority in your life. I’m making it a priority in mine. I will be taking this journey with you during this period – in more ways than phone calls and correspondence or even the time we share in person.

Live a Life of Adventure - Kyle Newman

My promise

I have a gift for working with people to help them discover their unique gifts and talents and find their true path in life. That’s the feedback I’ve been given and the work that I have committed my life to over the years. It is my life’s work. As I look over what I have created in my own life I see there is a theme. I am an expert adventurer and guide. I have a unique ability to see the way forward even when others can’t and awaken people to the adventure of being alive.

What I most want for you, and for every person on the planet, is to live your full, rich, untamed, life. A life where you truly live untamed and unafraid – that is abundant with all that sets your heart and soul alight. A life that is adventurous, alive, sensuous, and full of heart and spirit. I want you to live the life that truly awakens you and the people around you.

If what you want is an extraordinary working relationship with a coach to help you find your way on that journey, then call me today.


The investment for this exclusive, intensive programme that will transform your life starts at £10,000. This covers everything – the initial discovery work, the 2-day retreat (except travel & accommodation) and 12 months of coaching.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

GuaranteeI’m so confident that this intensive coaching programme will help you make the changes you want in your life and set you on a truly inspiring and rewarding path that I’m willing to guarantee it!

If at any point during the first 45 days you’re not 100% happy with the programme, and the work you’re doing with me, then I won’t hold you to the full 12 month commitment and will refund your programme fee in full.


Find out more…

Call 0333 200 2610If you’re ready to truly transform your life and set yourself on a bold and fearless path and you’re willing to make an investment in creating an untamed life for yourself – then I’d love to talk with you.

Call me on 0333 200 2610 now, and select option #1, to schedule a free no obligation ‘transform your life’ exploratory call to find out more and discuss the suitability of this programme for you.

Note: Remember, this exclusive, intensive programme isn’t for everyone and I only accept 5 people on to it each year.

A Few Final Words

If, as I imagine, you are standing at a crossroads in your life I really only have one question for you (and a hundred later, if you stick around). What is your version of a rich, full life, where you truly live untamed and unafraid, and what will it take to live it – every day?

I ask it from a place of my own deep curiosity and wanting for you to have an amazing life. Years ago I wrote as my life purpose: “to help people set themselves free, live true to themselves, step into their full untamed power and greatness, and live rich full lives”. That’s what I want for you and every person on the planet.

Whether you sign up for this programme or not, I want you to leave here more inspired to live the life you were born to live: an all singing, all dancing, jumping for joy, technicolour life of rich relationship, meaningful work, and whatever else your heart desires. A life where you get to use all of your abundant talents, skills, experience, creativity, and gifts and at the last day rest in the real peace of being well used in this life. When all is said and done I believe there are only 4 questions we truly ask ourselves when our time is up… Did I live fully? Did I love? Was I true to myself? and Did I make a difference? How will you answer?

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. ~ Mary Anne Roadacher-Hershey

So here’s to your future! I look forward to hearing from you…

Kyle Newman

PS: You only get one shot at this life and time waits for no-one – so what are you waiting for…? If you think this intensive programme could be for you then call me on 0333 200 2610 #1 NOW!

PPS: If you’re really committed to changing your life, but this programme is not what you’re looking for, then make sure you check out the other life changing programmes that I design and run here.

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