So what does ‘Live Untamed and Unafraid’ really mean and why would you want do it? 

Living and Leading Untamed and Unafraid is my ethos. Simply put, I believe it is the recipe for living a great life. One which is rich and full… where you get to be yourself and achieve your dreams. A life where you have real freedom and power. The meaning I outline below is my interpretation of what it means to ‘live untamed and unafraid’. I’d love to hear yours so please add a comment below and share what it means for you.

To me, the untamed part is about being your true self – unapologetically! It’s about digging deep to discover who you really are when all of society’s rules and conditioning are stripped away, and then being it – unedited and unashamed. It’s about living life on purpose, being your wild, untamed self. That’s why it’s represented by the image of a lion.

That said, it’s not just about knowing and being you are, but also about truly loving who you are – in all of your technicolor, imperfect glory. It’s about being able to see your true magnificence and really embrace it. As Oriah Mountain Dreamer says in my favourite inspirational passage, The Invitation, it’s about being able to “be alone with yourself, and truly liking the company you keep in the empty moments”.

Lions make no apologies for their existenceWhich brings us to ‘unafraid’… to me, this is about really going for it! It’s about doing it your way and living to your own rules. It’s about being bold and fearless – in both declaring your dreams and desires, and going after them. It’s about triumphing in spite of your doubts and fears, and trusting that things will work out in time. You just have to stay true to yourself and keep going – never give up!

Living untamed and unafraid is about living life with full permission – which has immense power and freedom to it. Which I fully encourage, AND in my view there is one small caveat to ‘living untamed and unafraid’ – with full permission comes responsibility – in this case what I call ‘responsibility for your impact’.

You may have heard the phrase ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’ which is most commonly attributed to the film/comic ‘Spiderman’, and is originally attributed to French writer, Voltaire. This is the type of responsibility that I’m referring to.

It’s not about living at full permission and to hell with anyone else – eg: leaving a trail of devastation in your wake. It’s about being aware of how you impact others and the world, and being ‘respons-able’ – it’s about living fully, without dialling yourself down, and being able to respond to the impact you have. Hence ‘live untamed and unafraid’s partner phrase of ‘lead untamed and unafraid‘ – as I truly believe that part of our purpose in life is not only to life fully (untamed and unafraid) but also to lead, and make a difference.

This philosophy or way of living stems directly from my life purpose, which is to “see and be my true self, own my own power and greatness, and life a rich full life – whilst helping others do the same. So we can all live fully and make a positive difference to the world”.

Please share what ‘live untamed and unafraid’ means to you below…


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