Have you ever wondered what it takes to ‘make it’? What you need to differently to achieve your life and business goals – and do so with ease and flow, rather than struggle?

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This is the elusive formula, the magic potion that many people seek. They want transform their life and business overnight and wake up to a new dawn where the magic happens and their world changes around them. For the most part however, this is now how things unfold…

There are many ‘pillars of success’, just put that phrase into a search engine and you won’t be short of results to click on. I’ll touch on a few of the key ones in this article. What I really want to focus on though, is a trick most people miss!

Pillars of Success

Vision and Goals – This is a pillar that most people will be familiar with. You need to know where you’re heading and what you want to achieve. Pretty straightforward, right? The trick most people miss here is digging deep enough. Most clients I work with, when you really get into it, don’t really know what they want, or why they want it. It’s important to keep peeling the onion layers back until really get to the heart of your deepest dreams and desires!

Action – Another familiar one for most. In order to create changes in your life and business you have to take action, consistently, and you have to take the right action. The results you get are a direct consequence of the actions you take, or avoid taking – so if you want different results, you need to take different actions.

Personal Growth – This is where it starts to get more complicated. In reality, the actions you take (see above) are a direct result of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. In my view this means that personal growth is not optional! In order to really create a different reality, you must grow yourself as an essential part of the process.

Know your ‘Why’ – Your ‘WHY’ is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. Its’ the thing that keeps you in the game when things get tough. Often referred to as your purpose, it’s the answer to the questions ‘Why bother?’ or ‘For the sake of what?’. When you know that really powerful driver, which is deeply personal to you, your chances of success go up exponentially. Never underestimate the power of knowing your ‘Why’!

Celebrate – Now we’re getting to one of the key tricks people often miss. Most ambitious people get focused on their goals and work hard to achieve them – an admirable trait. However they also get overly focused on the gap – the one between where they are now and the goal(s) they’ve set.

Business Team

The problem with this is that ambitious people are constantly moving the goals posts, a trait which has them be high achievers, it also means then never arrive – as the goal posts are often moved further ahead before, or as soon as, the current goals has been reached. Little, if any, attention is paid to what’s been achieved before they start working towards the next target. This typically results in running out of steam at best, or burn out at worst.

To achieve great things we all need fuel, and where we really need fuel is the spirit deep within. When our spirit is nurtured and fuelled regularly, the world really does become our oyster and we really can achieve great things. The reality however, is that most of us are running close to empty. We’re so busy trying to achieve our goals, and narrow the gap, that we overlook the essential fuel that helps to keep us going – celebration!

I can’t emphasis strongly enough how important it is to celebrate every milestone fully, and every small success along the way. Really soak it up and let it in to help keep the spirit fueled, and the fire stoked! I promise that if you incorporate this pillar into you success strategy, your life and results will improve dramaticallly!

So incorporate ‘celebration’ into your success strategy and practice starting each day, each week, each month, and each milestone by acknowledging how far you’ve come, and celebrating every success, no matter how small. Do this and the landscape of your life and work will truly change.

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