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How To Read Body Language

It’s often said that we communicate more with our body language than anything else, more than 55% according to popularly quoted ratio. So how we do interpret this non-verbal language?  In this video Kyle shares why it’s not so easy to read as many sources would lead to to believe, and offers some alternative ways to better understand what others are communicating with their body language.

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Live a Life Untamed and Unafraid

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What does it really mean to ‘live life’… as opposed to maybe just drift through it or let it happen? Live untamed and unafraid is not just the title of my blog, it’s a recipe for really living life to the full – for really feeling alive day in, day out.

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“Everybody Needs a Coach” says Google’s CEO

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CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, discusses why having a talented coach is a crucial element for success.

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