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You’ve got a heart as loud as lions, so why let your voice be tamed?

What’s your theme to stay motivated for the year ahead? 

One of the practices that my clients find most useful is setting a theme for the year, or part of the year? A bit like the Chinese have the ‘Year of the Dragon’, the ‘Year of the Tiger’ etc. I find it helps them get focused on where they are in their journey and what they want to achieve in the year ahead. It also helps them stay motivated and committed. So what’s your theme for the year ahead? If you don’t already have one then take a few moments to reflect and see what it might be…

For me last year was the ‘Year of Awakening’ – it was the close of quite a long period of transition and paved the way for the opening of a new arc in the year ahead. This year for me is the ‘Year of Engagement’. It’s about stepping up in a bigger, braver, bolder way and really engaging with the world – using my voice, sharing my message, and reaching and helping more people. I also find it helpful to pick a song or a movie (or both) that helps me stay connected to my theme and make it real.

This year I’ve chosen Emeli Sandé’s ‘Read all about it’ as my theme song. For me it aligns perfectly with both my theme for this year and my message of ‘Live and Lead Untamed and Unafraid’. I’ve noted the part of the lyrics that have real meaning for me below.

So what do you want to achieve this year and what’s the theme you want to chose to help you stay on track? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

“You’ve got the words to change a nation, but you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a life time stuck in silence, afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it, how we gonna learn your song?
So come, on come on,
Come on, come on…

You’ve got a heart as loud as lions. So why let your voice be tamed?
Baby we’re a little different ,there’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows, so stop hiding it away
Come on, Come on…”


“Yeah we’re all wonderful, wonderful people,
so when did we all get so fearful?
Now we’re finally finding our voices
so take a chance, come help me sing this…”

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