Untamed and Unafraid 12 Month Coaching Intensives

The Untamed and Unafraid Coaching programmes are intensive coaching experiences, which include a 2 day personal retreat in nature, and are designed to totally transform your life, or your leadership, within a year.

Prepare to be stretched, challenged and supported in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Are you ready to live a life where you truly live, and lead,  untamed and unafraid? A life that is abundant with all that sets your heart and soul alight. A life that is adventurous, alive, sensuous, and full of heart and spirit? A life that truly awakens you and has you awaken the people around you…

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 VIP coaching programmes per year across the two programmes. So if you think this could be just the year to totally transform your life or leadership, then get in on the action straight away! 

Live Untamed & Unafraid -12 Month Programme

Are you ready to totally transform your life and set yourself on a bold and fearless path for the future?

This intensive programme will propel you forward, uncover your deepest heartfelt desires and reveal what you really want from your life. Prepare to be awakened on a deeper level than you have ever experienced before. You will reignite the flame that lives deep inside you, take bold action, and reclaim your life!


Lead Untamed & Unafraid - 12 Month Programme

Are you ready to play bigger in your life and work, and supercharge your leadership?

This intensive 12 month coaching programme will grow your leadership effectiveness, and range, beyond measure. You will uncover a deep connection to self - to lead from a place of true authenticity and passion, as well as grow your leadership skills so that you become artful in your delivery. Get ready to access your full power and lead from a place of integrity and grace!



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